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Raffle Rosie Style

$1 per ticket or 6 for $5

       Rosie's Back !!


             In order for Rosie to land her flock of friends, you have to sell $50 worth of  raffle tickets and turn them into the committee.  Your name will be placed in a bowl.  The winning name picked will be able to select where Rosie lands !  She will reside for 3 days at that location.  Then she will be taken away,  until the next seller decides on her new landing.  She will fly throughout the summer with multiple landings before Summerfest.   Keep a lookout for Rosie sightings !  All landings must be in our local area and approved by Summerfest committee.


       However if you do not wish to see Rosie on your lawn, you may buy Anti-Rosie Flocking insurance for only $ 25 worth of raffle tickets.  This will last throughout the fundraiser.  You will need to fill out the form & tickets and return to Summerfest Committee.


         Along with the chance of picking Rosie’s landing the family with the most tickets sold will be awarded a Nintendo Switch or $250 in gift cards !  In order to win you must sign the back of the ticket with complete family name or number in order to verify seller.




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