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Charity and Charitable Service

Charitable work comes in many guises; the needs are endless. From helping people get to Church to delivering the Eucharist to the homebound, there is something for everyone to do.

Annual Bishop Appeal Volunteers
The members of this ministry assist in the planning and/or soliciting contributions to meet the parish's financial oblications in supporting the needs of the Diocese.

Charity and Justice
This ministry plans and assists with projects for local needy families. An example of their work would be the Christmas Giving Tree.

Rides to Church
For the people that are unable to drive, the members of this ministry make it possible for them to attend weekend services and special celebrations. This is an extremely important ministry that doesn't take much of your time but is more important than you realize.

Anyone interested in volunteering their time for this important ministry is encouraged to call the parish office.


Online Giving

Online Giving

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