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St. Joseph to St. Rose Monroeville History

Twenty faith-filled families banded together in 1868, built a small 50X52 frame Church, and established a mission parish in southeastern Allen County bordering the Great Black Swamp.  Sixteen years later, a resident pastor, Father J. Grogan, was assigned to St. Rose De Lima – - named after the first American Saint.  This small Church burned in 1887.  The following year, under the guidance of Father B. Hartman, construction began on the new gothic-style, brick structure at a cost of $95,000.00.  The Church was dedicated in 1889 by Bishop Dwenger.  The event was attended by a trainload of passengers from Fort Wayne. 

The Church began sponsoring education under Father Hartman’s direction.  It is not certain to what extent the project of school construction was achieved as various accounts were given.  The present school was built and the cornerstone laid in 1911 at a cost of $18,000.00 during Father Felden’s pastorship.  This school had a basement, two classrooms, and an auditorium.  The east wing provided housing for the teaching sisters who were Sisters of St. Joseph, Convent of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  They also supplied a staff of two sisters for the commercial courses which were taught in a small home located on the school grounds.  The home was sold in 1931, and commercial courses moved into the auditorium.  Bathroom additions were installed in 1922 under Father Marr’s direction.  In 1926, Dr. Connally donated his home to the parish, thus the sisters had a private residence, and the school facility could be enlarged.  Father Marr sought St. Joseph’s intercession in defraying the debts which were incurred by modernization and establishment of the commercial school.  His prayers were answered, and soon the school became known as St. Joseph’s School – - no longer St. Rose De Lima Academy.  The basement was improved and turned into a recreation room in 1943.  The auditorium was remodeled in 1958 when two classrooms and a library were added.  In 1993, with Father Fettig’s direction, the commercial school was inactivated due to lack of students and funds which were suppressed by the depression that was gripping the nation.  The playground was improved by the parish men for the school students.  The current pastor is Father Fernandes Lourindino (Father Dino).  Father Dino has led our church and school into our centenary year celebration.  This 100-year celebration led into a Parish Project to purchase a new school facility.

In 1972, the school sisters withdrew from the parish, and St. Joseph’s has been staffed solely by lay teachers since that time.  Mr. Dennis Fletter became the first lay principal succeeded by Mr. Michael Casper.  He was followed by the principal, Mrs. Carolyn Kirkendall. Carolyn Kirkendall served as the principal for twenty-seven years.  Mr. Stanley Liponoga IV came to St. Joseph July 1st, 2012.  Stanley Liponoga is the current principal of St. Joseph School.  In 1998 a kindergarten class was added to our school.  In 2009 St. Joseph Cafe opened and began serving hot lunches. 

Our school participates in the CYO sports program in grades 5-8 with girls competing in volleyball and basketball, while the boys compete in basketball.  East Allen County School Corporation cooperates with St. Joseph’s providing transportation and speech therapy.  Our school is located in the small rural town of Monroeville three miles west of the Ohio State Line.  Our school is comprised of 55 families providing 89 students.


 Mission Statements of St. Rose of Lima School

St.  Rose of Lima Catholic School community, a vital part of the St. Rose Catholic parish, is dedicated to educating each child spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically to help them attain academic excellence and the ultimate eternal reward of Heaven.


We believe that:

  • We are an evangelizing, educational community; therefore, we are called to proclaim the Gospel message, build faith communities, celebrate through prayer and worship, and serve others, especially those in need.


  • We are members of a larger church community whose role is to proclaim the Gospel message and celebrate through prayer, worship and service. is an expression of the Catholic Church’s teachings based on Scripture, traditions, and sacramental life.


  • Each member of the school community is called to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


  • Parents are the primary educators of their children and we will assist parents in educating their children in the teachings and practices of their faith.  St. Rose of Lima School assists parents who are the primary educators of their children in meeting their responsibility of educating their children in the teachings of the Catholic Church and of living a Catholic way of life.


  • St. Rose of Lima School provides an atmosphere that is permeated by the Gospel spirit of love which recognizes self-discipline and personal responsibility and affirms the dignity of all persons.


  • St. Rose of Lima School provides Christ-like role models who reinforce the teachings of Christ and the Catholic faith.


  • St. Rose of Lima School is committed to academic excellence, which fosters the intellectual development of faculty and students.


  • St. Rose of Lima School is committed to the premise that all children can learn because we believe that each child is uniquely created in God’s image.
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